Friday, May 14, 2010

A New Milestone on the Odometer

In a few days from now, I will officially have left my twenties to enter a new decade in the thirties.


I can’t say that turning thirty years old really bothers me too much, if at all. In fact, everyone I know, and by everyone I mean no one, keeps asking me if I feel different, sad or depressed to be hitting this milestone. And honestly, I tell them I am not bothered by it at all.


Just the other day, I went to the local basketball court to play some pick-up games with a few same-aged friends. We typically play on Thursday nights, and this was supposed to be like any other night of intense skill. When I arrived, I was surprised to see a dozen or so new, young faces. Most of these new comers couldn’t have been more than a year or two removed from high school, and they all strutted around like they were the stuff. Anyway, one of them decided to take control and organize all of us into teams for a little tournament, instead of our usual king-of-the-court style of play. Names were then written down on pieces of paper and put into a hat for team selection. My friends and I all happened to be picked from the hat and put on the same team. Even though I can’t say I was too surprised by this particular dividing of teams, I could tell that these younger kids wanted the gym to themselves without having to share it with the “old married guys.” This was just their way of sending us all home quickly.


After the teams were all established, the tournament and game play began. Our older, washed-up team then proceeded to give the younger, “abler” teams a spanking they never expected to receive. Not only did we win the tournament, but we left them shattered and embarrassed for even being born as males.


Now, if I am not mistaken, that was a pretty cool story. What is even cooler is that I used it to express my lack of concern or depression for my advancing age. The way I see it, my twenties were a time of establishment and experience. A time that had it’s moments but was relatively stressful and rough. I mean, think about it. High school is a breeze for most guys —carefree, fun and easy. The twenties, on the other hand, are full of decisions, growing up and responsibility. But the thirties…that’s where the fun begins. Plus, chicks dig guys in their thirties…if that mattered to me, which it doesn’t because I’m happily married, another thing I don't have to worry about.


So, the way I see it is I have nothing to hide from. I am ready and excited to jump on board the thirties train and enjoy the ride… just as soon as I am done icing my knees.

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Mike and Becca said...

I agree. I liked 30. However now i'm 34 and it's starting to get a little sad. Not sure why yet, maybe it's because I think i'm seeing more wrinkles and my face is looking older. Oh well.

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